This is the "Large Linear Collider" (built by ifly6), which uses 15 boosting blocks to fire one charge of TNT.

Name: Bigger Cannon

Pupose: Just a bigger cannon.

Dimensions: As big as you need it. Has to be no longer than 10 blocks. Can be up to 3 blocks wide. Can be up to 77 (can't be taller because in the time it takes for primed tnt to explode, it will only fall 77 blocks) blocks tall as well!

Materials Used:

  • Any material (preferably stone or cobblestone) as long as it's not flammable, or dirt/grass. The number of materials may vary for the size of cannon.
  • Redstone (number varies for size)
  • Button (one for arming, one for firing)
  • Bucket of Water (1-2)

Range: Again, this varies. Can go anywhere from 5 blocks to over 400! The one here would be able to go around 400.

Payload: Can be used to launch:

  • Yourself (can kill you)
  • TNT (just stating the obvious)
  • Sand/Gravel (with piston)

The number of TNT used will also vary. This one will use 15 at maximum, unless you want the cannon to be bigger (fourth level, longer, etc).

Upgrades: This is only to make it even bigger. You can make it wider, up to 3 blocks. Or you can make multiple cannons with an intergrated shooting and arming system.


  • In order to make a bigger/better cannon, it is noted that you should add a bar to prevent the TNT from landing outside the water and blowing up the cannon.
  • Large Cannons can have unlimited rows (very hard to prefect though)
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