• cobblestone: amount varies with size
  • rail track : as much as needed
  • fence: needs to be enough to cover the bridge
  • minecart
  • minecart with furnace


This tutorial will teach you how to make a cobblestone bridge with a minecart system inside of it. It is very easy to make. Although the photo shows the bridge being 3 blocks wide, you can have it wider, so adust to the space that you have. The minecart is powered by a furnace cart.

Minecraft 0001 My fail bridge

Minecraft 0001 My fail bridge.


Possible alterations

  • Have 2 seperate tracks on the bridge, each powered by a seperate furnace cart
  • use powered and detector rails: use these to replace furnace carts
  • remove tracks altogether: and save on iron ingots and sticks
  • add decorative parts such as supports
  • lights to stop monster spawning


  • huge cost
  • can be hard to build in suvival
  • underground tunnels are just as effective
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