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Dragonfire Flamethrower Mark II (Multiple Style)


The Dragonfire Flamethrower (Mark II Model) is a Rapid-Fire dispenser that shoots Fire Charges and never burns out. The Mark II model can be made in both single and multiple launch systems, and requires redstone to build. It's Primary use is to burn down wooden structures, create a Fire Field, or incinerate a platoon of oncoming enemies.

Construction Materials:

1. 4 of Any Block (Not affected by Physics)
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The "T-Shape" Redstone Relay. (Notice the "Fire Field" To the left created by the above Multiple Flamethrower) If Someone could get a more detailed picture, it would be appreciated!

2. Redstone Dust (Amount may Vary)

3. 4 Redstone Torches

4. 1 Dispenser (More for Multiple Launch)

5. Any Amount of Fire Charges

Construction Steps:

1. Place a Dispenser in the Direction of the Target.

2. 4 Blocks  behind the Dispenser, Build a 2 block tall T-Shape with one block protruding from the back in the middle.

3. Remove the center block of the T-Shape.

4.Place one Redstone Torch mounted on the lower center block beneath each one of the "arms"

5. Place the Final Redstone Torch to the left of your dispenser.

6. Put one Redstone dust in the center of the "T-Shape"

7. Make a Trail of Redstone Dust leading from the Center Redstone Dust to the Dispenser.

8. Fill the Dispenser with Fire Charges.

Activation and Use:

Once the Redstone Dust is connected to the Dispenser, The Dispenser will activate, shooting fire charges like Non-Explosive Ghast Fireballs at an infinite distance. To Deactivate the Flamethrower, Remove one of the Redstone Dust Trails. Remember, this is Dangerous to Mobs, Players, Buildings, and you, and is a deadly weapon in the hands of a skilled tactician (or troll.)

Tactical Applications:

The Dragonfire Flamethrower is best used in a row-style formation spaced four blocks apart, about two blocks above ground level to maximize chance of hitting oncoming opponents. Seeing as this weapon has (Theoretically) Infinite range, it is a better choice for horizontal base defense than the arrow dispenser or the snowball dispenser. For Bonus Points, Make a Giant Multiple Launch and use on a Superflat PvP Server. The infinite range on the fireballs will burn down everything and kill multiple players.

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