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"U-shaped hill"

This article will show you how to make a really cool castle in Minecraft. I will be adding pictures later. HOW TO MAKE:

1.) Find a U shaped hill that's pretty high. This may prove quite challenging, but do your best
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The frame

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the "box". You can add anything you want to your castle. It is YOURS anyway.

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Should look like this when done.

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The 10x10 room. Be creative and add whatever you want to this room.

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The tunnel at the left side of the room. Add rooms, whatever you feel like.


2.) Make a square frame in front of the hill, but leave 2 blocks out of the middle to make room for a door. You may have to go up on the hill or cut some of the hill to make room for the stone.

3.) Build up the walls to a reasonable height out of stone; this is just whatever looks good to you. It should look like a box below this.--------->

4.) Form a 2 block high and 2 block wide tunnel straight into the mountain about 15 or 20 blocks, then make the tunnel 4 blocks wide instead of 2 (only for one block long!)

5.)Then make it 6 blocks wide (only one block long again!!!)

6.) Then make it 10 blocks long for TWO blocks, then 8 for one block long, then 6, then 4, then 2 again. The <---- room should be kinda circleish.

7.) Dig forward about 5-10 blocks then make a 10x10 room. (i will be adding the blueprints for the fountain later)

8.) Make a 2 high and 2 wide tunnel at the back of this room, about 5 blocks long and leave it alone for now.

9.) Make a tunnel (2 high and 2 wide again!) on the left side of the room about 20 blocks foward.

10.)Make rooms or whatever you want.

11.)Go back to the circleish room and dig a tunnel on the left side of the room out of the mountain. Once you have dug outside of the mountain, dig up and create a tower.

12.) do the same thing with the right side of the room, but instead of making a tower, make a room with glass so you can see out of it and make an observatory (see gallery).

13.)Go back to the 10x10 room and go to the back of it where you left the tunnel uncompleted.

14.) Dig up and make a series of walkways above the mountain.

15.)Be creative and have fun! Happy Minecrafting!
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