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This is the "Large Linear Collider" uses 15 boosting blocks to fire one charge of TNT. This cannon also has a laboratory built around it (optional)

The Large Linear Collider Class TNT Cannon is a cannon built to meet very powerful expectations.

Dimensions: 3 x 10

Materials Required: Alot of Iron Blocks, 1 water, 8 steps, varied amount of redstone

TNT Used per Launch: 2 - 15

Payload: 1 block of TNT

Range: 400 blocks (or farther than the "far" setting can render)

Cost Effectiveness: 1/500th of a unit


The Large Linear Collider is built for researching the effects of TNT on projectiles. It has a base of 3 x 10 (not counting TNT channel) and progressive levels. The second layer holds the first row of boosting TNT's, the third has a Charge Holder Upgrade with steps. The third layer also holds another row of boosting TNT's. The Large Linear Collider uses a half-block for greater distance instead of a full block for greater height.