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lava lamps. standard modified and very modified

Lava Lamps== Need something to spruce up your Safe-T Base? Want a little exotic ligting for your Evil Dark Fortress of Death and Despair? The answer? Lava Lamps!

You will need:

At least one (1) block of glass, more if you want a larger lamp.

At least one (1) bucket of lava, more for a larger lamp.

At least five (5) blocks of non-flammable material, more for a larger lamp.

How to build:

You need to hollow out a 1x2 space for the small lava lamp. Make sure the bottoms, sides, and top are nonflammable material. Then, place the lava block in the very back of the two blocks. Now, REALLY REALLY QUICKLY, switch to glass and place it in front of the lava.

For a larger lava lamp, just make it longer horizontally.

Enjoy your Lava Lamp!

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