The Lost Gnome City is a server project founded by Kevin Wong and has attracted a small but active player base.

Lost Gnome City Project Discription

The project of the Lost Gnome City Project is to build and run a server that would have a roleplaying element based around the "Lost Gnome City", generate a backstory, protect users, and make a community about the site. Another part is to cultivate a society, build a user base, free-build, and have fun!
There are three cities in the LGCP World. They are Grovesport, Hemlock, and Cypress. This is a map to the entire server, generated using the Mac OSX Mapping program "MCMap Live". You may need to zoom in to get a better look. This map is based on the April "Our World" Screenshot. When the next "Our World" screenshot arrives, there will be a more updated version of the map.

[1]==Server Rules== (The punishment of breaking any of these rules is a de-op (if applicable), then a kick, then a ban, ranging in time by the discretion of a server admin) 1. Thou shall not grief, cause hard to repair, or irreparable damage (now including easy to repair, but hard to find) to a building unless expressed approval before-hand by a server admin or operator.' 1a. Any building explicitly designed to kill, harm, or cause irraparble damage to someone counts as griefing. Just don't kill people with lava, water, or falling blocks.' 1b. Building a random, unexplained, not easily de-constructionable building in the middle/very near a town also counts under this rule, therefore, it is griefing. ' 1c. An investigation of your house, by deflooring it then checking all parts of it is not covered by this rule (as long as the highest ranking server admin expresses contextual approval). When they are finished, they are supposed to encase everything in glass for preservation of the evidence that could be used by the police.'2. Thou shall not steal from chests or buildings that are not yours, unless located in a public space, gnome cities, or told to do so by a server admin or operator.' 2a. Stealing entire houses is just unheard of, but it is covered by this rule.'3. Thou must understand that thine ability to log on can be revoked, by suggestion from over 4 players, suggestion of 2 operators, or the will of an admin.' ' ' ' 3a. You will have the opportunity to appeal a ban or a vote to a server admin, either ask them (they will have to tell you their email) or email kevinw26@gmail.com4. The building of something that would be offensive or in the way of a road is prohibited. If you want to build there, just ask a admin or operator to change the road system (if possible).5. Any complaints should be lodged by email to or a server admin or operator.6. All players may be taken off by the shut-down of the server, at anytime. Please do not be alarmed. The usual procedure is to use the "stop" function and take it off the air, or to ban/kick all the players and pardon them later. 6a. Sometimes to try to remove a player for a short amount of time, a person my be kicked/banned (until their removal is unnecessary).7. Trespassing is not allowed. The entrance of other homes is by default allowed (if there are no doors - roof entrances don't count, neither do tunnels or secondary entrances. If there is a door in the front and main entrance, you are not allowed in unless the head server admin or owner allows you in.). If a person forbids entrance by a certain person (verbally or by a sign [spelling does not count, as long as anyone other than the sign's writer can determine what it means]), you will not be allowed to enter. 7. The Survival Weekend Project is different from the Lost Gnome City Project, because it is completely randomly generated and doesn't allow the use of the "/give" function.

             7a. The use of the "/give" function is prohibited unless the most senior server admin (ifly6 and archile) allows it's use. The use of the "/give" function will result in the erasure of the person's server inventory and the destruction of their buildings items (if they were "/give"en). A ban will not be used in this instance, only "/kick" will be used. The Survival Weekend is now discontinued.

8. Zombie Fortress 8a. Everyone is entitled to the right to build a fort as long as it doesn't offend another person's fort range. PvP is very encouraged, just don't spawn in an enemy fort. Kill the Zombies and Creepers that want to kill you!

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