This is a house/mansion plan that is not very complex, the plans are designed to be able to be made in multiple different ways, for example, the plans were created with the image of them being made from wood, where someone else could easily read them thinking the base material was stone. Also, it is a good house to build when you are starting, as it can be made in small stages, such as creating one room to begin with, then expanding to one floor, then the second floor, then the roof, then the tower, and finally add a veranda. The roof is effective against spiders from crawling up it.

The house is also made of generally easy to find materials, no complex redstone wiring or diamond statues. As this house has not yet been made, this page is only to provide the plans, which are generally easy to follow, made in Paint with the gridlines turned on, then Print Screened and reverted to original size, so essentially, one can zoom in to easily count the blocks. There are 16 Images(layers), not including the flat plot of 30x30 of chosen building material.

House Plan (click to make it bigger, right click to download ('Save as'))

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