the crater from a 3x3x3 mine

what is this?

This is a basic landmine design. It can be used for traps, or as a defense against mobs and other players.

materials required

! depicts a required object

  • Tnt (!)
  • pressure plates or trip wire
  • shovel or pickaxe to quickly shift the ground

a covered mine, with detonator


1. Dig a 3x3x4 pit. (this can also be 2x2x4 or 1x1x3, or any size you want,

as long as you have the resources)

2. Fill it with a 3x3x3 cube of tnt, with stone on top.


the explosive part of a mine

3. Place a pressure plate in the middle.

4. Replace some of the surrounding area  to disguise the landmine.

Tips and tricks


pit for a mine

  • use these in dark dungeons to trick other players!
  • NEVER put these near your structures; Tnt is a powerful explosive and can obliterate it!
  • another trick is to wire these to trapped chests, to trick a player into a fake house, thinking he is stealing treasure, but he is blown up him self!
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