I designed this minecart station to be as small as possible yet still have lots of features and work reliably.

Minecraft Station Platform

The platform of the station. The button at the far end calls the cart to the right and then sends it in that direction. An identical button behind me does the same in the other direction.

  • Two way travel on separate tracks (for eventual SMP inclusion)
  • Automatic minecart return if player isn't in the cart
  • When entering the station the booster doesn't come to return the cart until you get out
  • Buttons on either end of the platform call carts for different directions.
  • Storage room for 6 carts.
  • All the workings are underneath the platform and out of sight.
  • Fits in box 17x10x9
Minecraft Station Side

The side of the station, you can see the multiple levels of tracks getting all the carts where they need to go.

  • 354 dirt
  • 94 redstone (19 torches, 6 relays, 57 wires)
  • ~164 rails (= 66 iron)
  • 8 carts (not including carts in storage)
  • 2 wooden plates
  • 4 stone plates
  • 2 buttons
  • 19 steps
Link to file:
Minecraft Station Stack

The station uses a "pez dispenser" type storage for the carts.

Minecraft Station Blueprints

A diagram of all 9 layers in the station. There is a key at the bottom of the image that also gives some instructions.