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The Minecraft Constructions wiki is a wiki where you can share and find blueprints for everything you could want to build in Minecraft, from cannons and houses to redstone circuits and traps. This wiki now requires that all articles follow the correct form and guidelines, which you can read about below. If you do not already have a copy of Minecraft, you can try it out for free here . To learn more about the game, check out the Minecraft Wiki at Gamepedia .

After adding a Blueprint

Please use the correct layout/s for what you will be making.

Cannons Layouts

Redstone Layouts

Buildings Layouts

That is a basic list of the info you will need to give, although you should also give an image, diagram, or building instructions.

Also, please add it to the correct category, either cannon, redstone or building (theme as well). The more categories you correctly add your page to, the better. But, please DO NOT make new categories.

good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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