Minecraft Constuctions Wiki

You will meed these materials

  • A Dispenser
  • A Pressure plate (to make it to look like its invisible, use a stone pressure plate)
  • 6 or more pieces of redstone dust.
  • 9 to 576 arrows

Step 1

First dig down 2 squares in a shape stairs and then Dig back up in the shape of stairs.

Step 2

Go 2 blocks and on the 2nd block, put the dispenser.

Step 3

On the stair shaped Blocks, put redstone including in front of the dispenser

Step 4

Put the Pressure plate at the end of he redstone line

Step 5

Put the arrows into the dispenser

Step 6 (Drumroll Please!)

Lure any mob to the pressure plate and they get hit (They will survive but it's worth it, and if you have 11w49a you don't have to lure a mob)

(Please change the name to Mob Prank)