Heres how to create a simple, yet elegant, log cabin.

Finished cabin. Created and designed by: sedentarygecko


1. Cut a 5x5 hole into a flat surface.


1a. Make the perimeter of this 5x5 hole cobblestone.
1b. Fill the rest of the hole with planks. (See image 1)

2. Now we place down the frame.

2a. Use logs as the corner pieces and planks as the frame.
2b. Cut a plank out and place a door. This will determine which way the house faces.
2c. Place a bed so that its head is to the left of the back of the house.


2d. Place a workbench to the right of the back and a chest aswell.
2e. Place a bookshelft at the foot of the bed. (See image 2)

3. We now continue with the frame.

3a. Repeat 2a one level up.
3b. Cut the 2 planks near the door out and place glass in their place.
3c. Do the same to the blocks near the workbench and chest.
3d. Cut out the upper back plank and place the last window. (between the WB and bed)
3e. Finally, place a torch above the bed. (See image 3)


4. We now begin to create the ceiling

4a. Place half steps ontop the logs.
4b. SImilarly, place stairs ontop the planks. (facing inward)
4c. Notice that a 3x3 hole remains in the center.
4d. Make a doughnut shape in the hole with half steps.
4e. In the center of this shape, place a glass block.
4f. Place, ontop of the glass block, a half step. (S

Finished cabin. MADE BY sedentarygecko

ee iFinished work)

5. Modify it! Put your extensions into the photo gallery.

6. You're done!


Building name: Small cabin

Purpose: Living

Dimensions: 5l x 5w x 4h

Materials used: 12 wooden stairs

1 wooden pressure plate

13 wooden halfsteps

6 glass

26 planks

8 logs

1 door

16 cobblestone

1 bed

1 torch

1 chest



Photo gallery

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