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The final product.

This small dirt house is easy to make, and only requires a small amount of dirt. It will protect you against most overworld Mobs, with the exception of creepers. The Small Dirt House is an efficient "First Night" Shelter for the time before you can acquire Cobblestone, Wood, or Iron.


(!) = necessary

  • 63 dirt blocks (!)
  • 1 wooden door (!)
  • 1 crafting table
  • 1 small chest
  • 1 bed
  • 1 furnace


  1. First, make the entrance. To make the entrance, place 2 dirt blocks next to each other. Then, leave a 1 block gap then put 1 more block. Once you have done that, put 1 more block on top of each dirt block. Then, place the wooden door in the gap. Once that is done, place a block above the wooden door.
  2. Now you need walls (or mobs will get in). Next to one of last dirt blocks, put 5 dirt blocks on the ground. This wall should be perpendicular to the first/entrance wall. Then, place 1 more block on top of each dirt block.
  3. Do the same for the entrance for back as if it was a mirror. But this time, don't leave a gap and put a door there, just fill the gap in with dirt blocks.
  4. Build the walls till they are 2 blocks high, and put the roof on but get rid of the corners more maximum block efficiency.
  5. Now place your crafting table and any other blocks you have such as furnaces, chests, and beds wherever you like.
  6. With Enough effort, you should survive your first night until you can upgrade your dirt house by replacing the dirt walls with Cobblestone and Wood, and Add windows.


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