Minecraft Constuctions Wiki

A Small farm

Small farms are the starting of farms, and most of them look rubbish. Do not be sad though, since I can help you make a good-looking one! Just follow my tips and Woola! you have your dream farm (It might be a bit smaller though...).


  • 200 wooden planks.
  • 32 smoothstone/cobblestone
  • 26 farmland
  • 14 buckets of water
  • 72 glass
  • 2 wooden/iron doors (Not needed, because you can connect this farm to your house.).
  • a hoe (Any type, though I recommend a stone hoe!).


  1. clear out a 10x10 area.
  2. Once you have cleared out the 10x10 area, on the edges of the area make a wooden plank border.
  3. Once the border is done, build them up to 4 blocks high.
  4. Once the walls of the farm have been done, for the roof, place the glass blocks.
  5. Once that is done, in the middle of the 10x10 area, dig/mine out the blocks in the middle to the other side of the room.
  6. Replace those blocks with your smoothstone/cobblestone blocks to make a path.
  7. Now, starting at the back, every 3x3 space put a line next to them.
  8. If you have done that correctly, at one side, there should be a 3x1 line on each side, If that is'nt there, you've done it wrong!
  9. Now those lines are empty, fill them in with the rest of your smoothstone/cobblestone blocks.
  10. In the middle of every 3x3 and 3x1 space dig those blocks out, and fill them in with water!
  11. You have now finished