The Small Obsidian Cannon is a variant of the Xaxk Cannon that is indestructible, letting it be able to sustain many accidents. It has the same functions as the Xaxk Cannon, but is not able to be destroyed by explosive means.

How To Build Your Obsidian Cannon

Theme: Renaissance/Medieval

Dimensions: 5x3x2(minimal design) 5x3x3(double layer charge holder)

Cost: Obsidian

A small good cannon. Sometimes my charges in higher layers tend to fall out without a proper holder, that can destroy some ground around the cannon and your redstone fuses but the cannon itself will stay intact. Many upgrades possible.

Materials list

  • Obsidian: 17 needed for the cannon itself, 12 for double layer charge holder (more for good looking redstone circuit, can be replaced by any other material)
  • Redstone (For firing mechanism): 3+
  • Water: 6
  • Any activator (Pressure plate/switch)
  • TNT used per launch: 2-3 or 2-5 (double layer charge)
  • Payload: 1+++
  • Range: 200-350
  • Cost Effectiveness: -


Charge: up to 3 layers of charge tested (total of 6 blocks per launch)

Automated warhead trigger: Activator for the warhead, a seperate redstone wire that leads to the projectile TNT.


Using 1-4 booster charges and firing 1 TNT. Different rages from 20-30, further measuring needed. You can expand the length of the cannon up to about 11 charges (upper and lower levels) and it will fire about 500-700 blocks.

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