The Stylized Wooden Shelter

The Stylized Wooden Shelter takes up a 9x7x6 area. It requires few materials to create, and is very compact. Useful as a refueling station, distant base, or entrance to a larger underground structure.

Stylized Wooden Shelter Appealing Angle

Most Appealing Outside Angle


Material Amount
Wooden Planks (Oak Preferred*) 63
Sand 27
Slab (*Same as above type) 24
Sandstone 21
Wood (Log) (Oak Preferred) 15
Glass Pane (Undyed Preferred) 4
Ladder 2
Trapdoor (Wooden Preferred) 1


These steps are organized into layers, starting at three below ground level. As the step count goes up, so does the layer, going up to two above ground level.
Step 1 Stylized Wooden Shelter

Step 1

Step 1

Layer -3

Step 2+3 Stylized Wooden Shelter

Step 2+3

Step 2 and 3

Layer -2 and -1 respectively

Both of these layers are identical, with the exemption of layer position.

Step 4 Stylized Wooden Shelter

Step 4

Step 4

Layer 0

Step 5 Stylized Wooden Shelter

Step 5

Step 5

Layer 1

"LH SLAB" means that the half-slab is on the Lower Half of the block

"UH SLAB" means that the half-slab is on the Upper Half of the block

"PANE" means that it is a glass pane, and not a glass block

Step 6 Stylized Wooden Shelter

Step 6

Step 6

Layer 2

"LH SLAB" and "UH SLAB" retain the same meaning as before

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