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A TNT Cannon is a mechanism using Minecraft Physics to fire a primed block of TNT using Redstone or a similar device that ignites TNT.

How to Build 1 type of TNT Cannon

A TNT Cannon uses redstone of ignite 1+ blocks of TNT into primed mode to fire an (afterwards) primed block of TNT towards a target. This is simple to do if you know the basics.

  1. Have a 3x* (has to be shorter than 10) channel surrounded by cobblestone.
  2. Build a second layer on it.
  3. Lay redstone on the top.
  4. Block off the water with a half block at the front.
  5. Have on of the redstone longer than another so you can ignite the payload remotely (or just punch it when it's needed).
  6. Connect both wires to a switch.
  7. Arm the TNT cannon by firing the boost blocks.
  8. Punch/Arm the Payload and watch it fire!

However this is not the only example of a tnt cannon. There can be other ones that only need 2 tnt and some pressure plates.


There are mods (game modifications) that can make cannons better but for a basic cannon you only need Minecraft.

Uses of TNT Cannons

  • They can be used as research devices to understand how TNT can be fired.
  • As defensive devices so the enemy can't tear down your castle.
  • Siege Engines so you can tear down their castle.
  • Deterrant - You can theaten to destroy their castle during a seige.

Tactical Weapons - When they charge, get out your MicroCannon's and start shooting!


These weapons are very very dangerous. Be extra careful when building, arming, restocking, or firing these devices.

Tnt cannons are known to malfunction if done incorrectly and if you are standing near this you may get blown up. Be sure to step back a couple of blocks when firing in case a malfunction happens.