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Finished house

House in the water which can serve as docks or main base. To create it you will need a LOT of wood.

Materials (excluding roof):

210 Tree trunks

290 Wooden planks

34 Steps

104 Glass

90 Wool (white)

14 doors

4 Dirt

4 Fenceposts

How to build:

  1. The dark red blocks are wood (trunk) pillars. The numbers in them are the height from sea level
  2. Fill the green parts in with planks, the lightgreen ones are at sea level and the green ones 2 above sea level. The dark green blocks will be dirt for your garden. The holes in your floor (where the trunks are lower than your floor) should be filled with wood.

    Step 1+2

  3. Fill the light blue parts with glass and the light grey parts with wool, these should be 3 blocks high. The orange blocks are doors with a layer of glass above them. You can arrange the wool and glass parts however you like it. The yellow areas are wooden steps.

    Step 3

  4. The red areas are roofs. You can create them however you want. I did the roofs with wooden stairs with wooden slabs at the corner. *
  5. The green area is the second floor, fill it with wooden planks. They will be 6 blocks above sea level.Step 4 5.png
  6. Again, fill the walls in with 3 layers of glass or wool and the doors with a layer of glass on them.
  7. The yellow areas are stairs. 20 stairs are needed for this.

    Step 6+7

  8. Now you can add the roof to your second floor.
Step 8.png

The building should be done now. You can now add a road to it, put some fences down to avoid falling off, plant a tree in the garden etc.

Finished house

  • Due to a recent update to Minecraft, stairs form corner blocks, so you do not have to use slabs for the roof if you don't want to.