To make great Masterpeices you'll need a great building site.You'll also need resources as well. Please put the Minecraft version this seed is for, as some versions have different terrain generators than others; making some seeds obsolete.

Here is a list of Good minecraft seeds you can use:
Minecraft VersionSeedDescriptionPicture (optional)
unknownDiamondforthewon This seed has many trees, above ground lava pools and many caves to explore. This is a good seed for resources and spawns are usually by the coast line. Many mountains and winter climate.
unknown1474776471 This seed has many overhangs to make cool creations and is found in both winter and summer/spring climates.
unknownGlacier This is a very popular seed used by many people. Some people classify it as the mountains from Avatar. Has many cliffs and canyons so you can explore a lot.
unknownCats This seed has tons of caves for your underground base needs or fast ways to get metals and ores.
unknownArchespore If your desire great land scape, this seed is for you. This seed has many mountains and waterfalls, making any creation looks better with that sort of background. Also has many mountains and some overhangs.
unknown404 This is a great way to get tons of literally every ore in the game, though the giant dungeon is highly dangerous and it is suggested to have it on peaceful. Outside of the cave has plenty of little cave-ins for a home outside of the dungeon.
unknownMisspeak Mountains, Trees and Lakes are common things found on this seed. Not much flatland, but the natural carved in caves in the mountains and over population of trees make up for it.
unknownMazzi This seed give a flat land. Perfect for cities
 1.8.4 sunflower
  This seed gives iron right off the bat.Also next to a mountain & ocean.
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