Xaxk's TNT Cannon is an fully-operation Siege Engine that can either be used for defense or destruction. It can also be used for research.

How To Build

Theme: Renaissance/Medieval

Dimensions: 5x3x2(minimal design) 5x3x3(double layer charge holder)

Cost: Cheap

Materials: Stone or anything that's not effected by gravity

Upgrades: A good smaller cannon, although charges in many layers tend to fall out and blow the cannon up without a charge holder. Many upgrades possible.

Materials list

Stone/Cobblestone: 11 needed for the cannon itself, 14 (in total) for double layer charge holder (more for good looking redstone circuit, can be replaced by any other material)

Redstone (For firing mechanism): 8+

Water: 1

Any activator (Pressure plate/switch)

TNT used per launch: 2-3 or 2-5 (double layer charge)

Payload: 1+

Range: 20-30


Charge: up to 3 layers of charge tested (total of 6 blocks per launch)

Automated warhead trigger: Activator for the warhead, a seperate redstone wire that leads to the projectile TNT. (Makes it much more safe as well)


An ordinary cannon. Using 1-4 booster charges and firing 1 TNT, Different rages from 20-30, further measuring needed.


Diagram of the basic cannon

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